5 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Day

5 Ways To Be More Present in Your Day
5 Ways To Be More Present in Your Day

If you’re not living life to the fullest, then what are you doing?

— Stella Beene

If you find yourself bored and zoned out frequently, here’s the truth: you’re missing out on life.

1. Consciously Be Aware

Living unconsciously, or passivelt leaves you spinning in unhappy mental habits.

Take some time every day to consciously be alive with your present moment experience. It’s so simple!

Sit quietly for 10 minutes or more just to relax a bit. Focus purely on you and your thoughts.

Another way to be more aware is to just stop once an hour and shift your attention away from the world and back to yourself. While doing this, take the time to soak in the best of your surroundings.

2. Expand Your Mind

When we’re stuck in beliefs about ourselves and the world, we’re ignoring the fullness of what life is offering us right now.

What if you didn’t expect anyone to do anything? What if you forgot to believe that you’re fearful or unworthy? What if things are just fine as they are without your trying to control them?

When you notice a familiar thought pattern, let it fall away. Yes, that’s right—just let it go.

3. Love Your Body

When we et our negative emotions, such as anger or sadness, overtake our thoughts, our bodies get physically affected by becoming stressed and tense.

Take care of your body. You can control your emotions, they’re not meant to rule you and/or your body.

4. Forget What You Know

Clear your mind of any false, limiting ideas about yourself. Taste, touch, see, and hear things freshly, as if for the first time. Pay attention to the little things and be open to the possibility of experiencing awe and wonder in the simple things of ordinary life.

5. Notice Awakened States

Your true nature is to be awake, aware, and at peace.

As you go through your day notice, and enjoy, when your separate self dissolves into the flow of an enjoyable activity. Recognize when your heart is touched in the face of beauty, tenderness, and love. Be grateful for creative ideas and let them flourish. Surrender your desires and dissatisfactions and experience the brilliance of life as it is actually unfolding.

Just like the true nature of a wave is ocean, your true reality is the limitless splendor of the universe.

Remind yourself that nothing is personal to you—everything appears by grace. Then go out there fully alive in your humanity, free and receptive to what life offers you.

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