Are You Boring Too? I Was, Here’s How I Fixed It

What to Do When You're Not Having Enough Fun
What to Do When You're Not Having Enough Fun

So… recently one of my good friends told me how I could be a bit boring sometimes… how I stayed too safe inside my “shell” a little too much. What an INSULT right?!

I thought, “maybe I should have gone out to that party I was actually invited to, maybe I should have said yes to that date, and maybe I should have just been a little more spontaneous…”

God knew I wanted to do all that fun stuff, but something was holding me back… and now my friends are starting to think I’m boring.

If you feel like you or someone you know may be the boring one of the group just need an excuse to get out there and have a little fun, maybe these 3 tips will help:

Stay in the Present

When you’ve had a really busy day and you finally clock-off to do something fun, sometimes it can be difficult to let yourself be part of it. If your mind keeps going back to other stuff or you feel guilty for taking a break, it’s way harder to have fun. You can and should treat yourself sometimes, though. It’s a part of taking care of yourself — and you can’t feel guilty for doin’ that!

Work hard, play hard.

Don’t Set Limits

You might be tempted to try to give yourself rules or limit yourself when it comes to your desires, but why? If you want that last scoop of ice cream in the fridge, go for it. If you want to sit down and play video games for an evening, have at it.

If you give in to what you want now, you’re less likely to over-do it later.

Let Loose

A part of having fun is learning not to take yourself too seriously.

Letting loose and being yourself will allow you to get more enjoyment out of indulging in your personal pleasures, letting a little extra happiness come naturally.


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