Bryan Moore – The Inspiration, The Man And The Best Web Tech Expert

Bryan Moore - The Inspiration, The Man And The Best Web Tech Expert
Bryan Moore - The Inspiration, The Man And The Best Web Tech Expert

Who is the most positive person in your life? And Why?

I am. I’ve spent decades working on myself (my education, my attitude, my outlook, my business skills, my interpersonal skills, my communication skills, etc.). With certain conviction I know that just about anything is possible in life. I do my best everyday to embed that into my kids’ minds. I want them to grow up knowing they can do whatever they want to do in order to be happy, content, healthy, wealthy, etc. I don’t want them growing up conforming to the “boxes” that society puts us in. I want their minds AND their bodies healthy so they can thrive throughout their lives. If I had to name someone else who is the most positive person in my life it would be my cousin, Maryann. She passed away a number of years ago from a rare form of cancer. But she LIVED her life for her entire life. She was a free spirit who was very outdoorsy and health conscious. A great cousin, a great wife, a great mom, you name it. She always had a great attitude. Even when faced with her certain death she would talk to me and she had made her peace with it. She wasn’t showing anger or bitterness, not to me, not to her husband, not to her kids. She was making sure all things were in order before she died and still teaching all of us valuable life lessons while in the process of dying. She told us all that she had nothing to be afraid of, that she was going “home” and felt so grateful for having lived the life she did, the family and friends she had. Amazing woman who inspired many! She lived a grateful life.

Tell us a joke!

One of my favorites from my kids: What did the snail say when he was on the turtle’s back? Answer: Wheee!

How do you boost your mood daily?

My mood does not need boosting on a daily basis. I have an 8-year old son and a 6-year old daughter, my life is a long, ongoing comedy show and I would not have it any other way!

When feeling depressed, how do you cheer up yourself?

I don’t usually get depressed – when raising 2 little ones to be the best they can be I don’t have time to be depressed. Just have to barrel through any bad days. But on the rare occasion when something really “gets me down” I think of my family, those who have passed away and those who are still with me today, especially my wife and kids.

How do you pass through difficulties in life?

My children are my driving force for anything. “Giving up” or “giving in” is not an option – what would that teach them? And also by being fully aware that there are ALWAYS others who have it far worse than anything I could be going through at the time. I always think of that, I always know that I am VERY LUCKY to have the life I have.

Funniest Movie?

Arthur, starring Dudley Moore)

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