Why You’re Already Awesome and How To Accept It

Getting better at just being yourself
Getting better at just being yourself

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Ever noticed that no one is perfect yet we handle things just fine in the end? 

Well, that’s because the habit of trying too hard to be perfect actually is harmful and not helpful, ironically. No one is or can be perfect, so trying to be is futile at times.

You can go through cycles of rejection and acceptance a million times: anger, then surrender, then peace… but time will prove the same point: you’re better off accepting yourself as you are than trying to kick your personality straight.

Self-acceptance is a key to sanity, yet, when presented with a choice between embracing our limitations or desperately trying to improve, we often choose the latter.

That’s too bad though because we could be happier right now, instead of waiting for the right time, when we’ve achieved enough progress to deserve it.

Our performance oriented education lets us believe that if we’re not outstanding, we’re missing the point of a meaningful life, but that diktat omits to mention how outstanding is outstanding enough.

That is why it would make sense to say that NOW is enough. Even if now, you’re just angry for minute reasons.

Otherwise, how long will you have to wait to deserve a break? (You can decide for yourself).

If being who you are isn’t enough to make you happy now, what makes you think getting “better” will?

The nice part of this equation is: you can change it anytime.

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