How To Find Your Tribe

How To Find Your Tribe
How To Find Your Tribe

Your tribe is that group of people who just get you. As a group you all might share the same mannerisms, have the same belief system or the same opinions, the same interests/hobbies, and/or the same heart. Whatever it is that draws you to your tribe, all you really have to know is that you really like them, and that things just click when you’re all together. Some of the many benefits of feeling connected to a tight-knit group like this include long-lasting happiness and increased health: a sense of belonging even boosts your immune system, for example. Your tribe is out there, all you gotta do is go find them 🙂

Here’s a few ideas to get started:

Follow Your Passions

Think back to when you were a kid. Maybe you were involved in a scouting program, or your school had a class, or a church group activity stands out to you as something you really enjoyed doing. Kids are often exposed to arts and crafts, games/sports, and hobbies to keep them entertained. Then as adults, we sometimes dismiss or slowly separate from doing those little things that we loved… Truth is, we still need to meet those innate human needs for ourselves by doing what we love.

Once you think of an activity you like to do, let it lead you to a community of like-minded friends or organizations that specialize in what you do. Stores catering to the hobby/interest are a great place to start. They often have classes or information on local groups. It’s fun to see what’s out there, and right under your nose.

Start Online

Sometimes it can feel intimidating at first to get out of comfort zone. Luckily, the web makes everything easier, especially meeting like-minded people. There are fan boards, special interest groups, group video chats/live streams, and even private facebook group memberships (you just tell them why you want to join and the admin adds you). Online groups often remain virtual and anonymous — which can have its perks for the times when we can’t leave our house, or simply don’t want to go anywhere. These virtual tribes offer a digital connection that can be accessed wherever there’s an internet connection. But when it’s time to meet face to face, is a great place to start to join a new group in your area. Hashmeet is a new app to download that quickly gets you in touch with a new group of friends in your area who share your interests. Check them out!

Take The Initiative

There’s no need to wait for someone to invite you to their book club or poker night – take the initiative and start your own! After all, you’ve already got an idea of what might be fun. Kick things off and pass around the role of host – you don’t have to do it every time. Call a few friends, put out an announcement on Facebook or another site, and get things started. You’ll be glad you did, and others will tell you they are glad you did too…

The bonding experience can really change lives – you really never know who your presence might affect.

Let us know in the comment section any tips we might have missed or what fun plans you’re thinking of doing with your tribe:

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