How to Narrow Down What ACTUALLY Makes You Happy

How to Narrow Down What ACTUALLY Makes You Happy
How to Narrow Down What ACTUALLY Makes You Happy

Everyday we’re inundated with stuff. We’ve got collections of clothing, electronics, books, papers — whatever you collect. It’s everywhere. Reach out an arm and you can touch something. Odds are you can reach something you haven’t actually used in weeks — maybe months.

You know what? Stuff is stressful.

Why? Because we inevitably become attached to it and feel like we can’t live without it. Truth be told, we were living without certain things — quite well, most likely — before we acquired them.

So we have a challenge for you. Look around at your material possessions. What unnecessary items in your life do you actually feel dependent upon? Can you choose one of these items and give it up for a week? How about a day?

Maybe you collect things that you think it will come in handy “one day” but haven’t actually been useful for who knows how long. Think about your old clothes in the closet that you’ll wear “some day,” or about all the stuff in your “junk drawer” (we know you have one too) for a couple ideas. Can you go through that stuff and if it’s been more than a year and you haven’t used it, either toss it, or donate it?

Finding contentment

We have a feeling that by releasing your attachments to some of the unnecessary stuff in your life you’ll feel as though a weight has been lifted. You’ll be more content and happy with the few items you really do cherish. If it works out, choose something else to get rid of, to be less dependent on.

Focus more on your friendships and less on your relationships with stuff and you’ll feel like life is more fulfilling.

And maybe, as a side effect, you’ll end up with less junk to clean up around the house every week!

What clutter will you try and live without today?

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