How to Turn A Bad Day Around in About 10 Minutes

How to Turn A Bad Day Around in About 10 Minutes
How to Turn A Bad Day Around in About 10 Minutes

Are you overwhelmed? It happens to the best of us when we live through our hustle and hurry lives. No matter who much is on your plate, the following tips are designed to help you relax and ground yourself when life goes haywire — all in 10 minutes or less.

Focus On Your Senses

It’s common to want to mentally disengage from the world around you when things are going wrong. An exercise for calming yourself and regaining focus involves placing emphasis on your five senses.

– Identify one thing that you can smell clearly.
– Reach out and touch something nearby and focus on how it feels.
– Look at something that you find calming or fixating, like your favorite piece of artwork or the view out your window
– Pay attention to the sounds around you and try to find pleasure in natural rhythms.
– Find just a small taste of something to eat or drink that would provide you with an enjoyable taste.

This Will Pass

Only give things the amount of time that they deserve. Many of your daily problems won’t affect your future for very long — if at all.

Everyone has the potential to bounce back when there are endings. Try to give yourself time to grieve and then focus on the future.
Disagreements happen due to differences of opinion. If it doesn’t impact you or your job, it’s probably not worth worrying about.
Your car can be repaired. Even if it can’t be, or you have to wait longer because of your budget, there are other methods of transportation you can take advantage of.

Remember, most stressful situations are as short term as you let them be.

Happiness Really Is a Choice

Exposing yourself to inspirational or positive information or messages daily will actually re-wire your brain. Just by reading HappierDaily, you can get a boost. Every day, if you find one or two things to lift you up, it will become one of the best habits in your life. So, try spending 10 minutes per day reading or watching something that makes you smile and see how fast your life changes for the better.

What has been enjoyable about your day today so far?

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