Slow Down To Enjoy Life

Slow Down To Enjoy Life
Slow Down To Enjoy Life

Ever look at some of the older people in your life and wonder what the secret to their happiness is? Why they are so calm, relaxed, and unhurried? It isn’t that they’ve uncovered some mystical secret so much as it is they’ve made a bunch of simple life realizations later in life. They’ve been around the block and have learned a thing or two that helps them realize a few extra things about life.

Good news: You do not need to be older in order to set some new rules and boundaries. These simple rules will help you to slow down, relax, and enjoy more of your everyday life — starting right now.

Live your own life.
Things really aren’t always what they seem and comparing your life goals to those of your friends will only cause you angst. Everyone experiences ups and downs and there is no need to chase after a new goal simply to keep up with your perception of someone else’s life. Those Facebook friends who seem to have it all are only showing their highest moments.

Focus on one task at a time.
Most of us are not good at multi-tasking, which makes things harder. Give your brain a break and focus on just one thing at a time. You may be surprised at how much easier, faster, and relaxed your tasks become when you stop trying trying to juggle more than your brain can comfortably handle.

Spread out.
You do not need to cram your day with stuff from sunup to sundown in order to be happy. Unless 100% necessary for work, try to schedule fewer appointments and tasks each day and leave a bit more space between each one so you aren’t rushed. You’ll be more relaxed and your lack of worry about what comes next will allow you to be more present as you work through each item on your list.

Disconnect a little.
Technology is a huge part of modern life but have you ever noticed that people who didn’t grow up with it and still keep it at arm’s length aren’t as frazzled? They may not be connected by the millennial’s definition of the word, but they are still maintaining relationships and enjoying life without a 24/7 stream of at-your-fingertips information. Give it a break from time to time when you don’t need it for work or studies, even if just for a couple of hours a day.

There is no magical benchmark for when in your life you should suddenly decide you are happy and satisfied. But, instead of reaching for the distant future, try enhancing your now. Old souls — and older people — have learned about living in the moment, and that is one secret to their happiness. The frenzied pace you’ve been keeping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and learning to slow your roll sooner rather than later will help you to enjoy today and tomorrow. In fact, you may find you have even more momentum when it isn’t forced.

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