The Awesome Power of Baking Soda . . .

The Awesome Power of Baking Soda
The Awesome Power of Baking Soda

Watch this video to learn:
How to make a more natural air freshener using lemon, lime or orange juice.

  • Amaze your friends at a party with a simple scientific trick using powdered sugar, rubbing alcohol and heat. (Eye protection and adult supervision is a must.)
  • Play a prank on your friends with a simple ketchup bottle and enjoy his or her reaction.
  • Freshen up shoes and sports equipment with one treatment.
  • Get rid of unwanted BBQ grease on that outside grill.
  • Put out grease fires on your stove.
  • Eliminate pet odors by making your own carpet powder. Cheaper and more effective than the expensive grocery store brands.
  • Unclog or freshen up sink drains.
  • Get rid of that annoying heartburn you experience after eating your favorite pizza or other spicy dishes.
  • Rid yourself of those unwanted food stains left over in plastic storage containers.

After watching this video I have a whole new respect for that simple product called

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