The Best Way to Say Thank You

The Best Way to Say Thank You
The Best Way to Say Thank You

Someone did something nice for you and you want to express your gratitude.

Stop. Right. There.

Saying, “thanks,” is nice, but when you’re just going through the motions, it can be overused and even a little cliche. So, how can you show the bubbling well of thankfulness in your heart? How about getting a bit creative? Why simply express gratitude with words when you can show your gratitude?

Get Crafty!

Instead of just saying “thank you,” take a picture or make a quick video to send to the person you’re thinking of. You can also consider writing a quick note, baking your famous secret-ingredient cookies, or creating a drawing or sketch if you’re feelin’ extra artsy.

Boost Your Happiness By Making Someone Happier

Expressing appreciation towards someone will light up their day and make them want to continue to leave their marks on you and the world.

Who are you thankful for today? How are you going to show them that?

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