The Influencer

Your energy matches “The Influencer”

The Influencer’s energy is purely magnetic to other people. Many people like to “follow” what the influencer does because of their authentic and naturally likable, attractive, social energy.

The things you do make people feel acknowledged and included in the things you do and it makes them feel really good. When interacting with just one person or even a crowd, typically both The Influencer and the other party will truly feel a mutual beneficial energetic exchange.

This energy is among one of the most coveted energy styles because it is so attractive and likable to so many people. It is characteristically authentic, genuine, honest, compassionate, caring with their own flair. Their good-natured energy and prominently good mood rubs off on people in a really touching and positive way.


The Influencer’s energy is best supported, maintained and compatible with other Influencers that have a genuine compassion for others as well. They are all about lifting others up and generally find the most happiness in doing that.

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