The Observer

Your energy matches “The Observer”

The Observer’s energy is rather neutral, and sometimes mysterious. People typically enjoy the company of The Observers as they supplement bolder and louder energy well, and often balancing it out.

While they may not be the most social or outspoken creatures, their presence can still be warm, soothing and supportive.

Observers are known for spending a lot of time in their heads being more careful and thorough with their thoughts, and more deliberate with their words and actions than average.


Confident observers mean what they say and say what they mean. Because they tend to spend more time pondering and absorbing, and less time talking, when they do end up sharing what’s on their mind, it’s often a solid, refined, thought out answer. People respect Observers for their honesty and wise thoughts as they are the more contemplative and logic oriented personalities.

Sometimes Observers are quiet though because they are less sure of their answers and they tend to overthink and stress. Although they may seem calm, cool, and collected on the surface, they often bite their tongue out of fear of saying the wrong thing, or of generally being unsure or indecisive about things.

If you want to say more of what’s on your mind, and not feel like you have to bite your tongue, this article might help you straighten up your thoughts so you’re more confident in your self and in what you say.

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