The Two Social Media Mistakes Everyone is Making

5 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for a Happier You

Checking your Facebook or other social media pages can leave you feeling down–and it doesn’t have to be that way.

( – Seeing picture after picture of acquaintances enjoying great vacations, eating at fabulous restaurants and just generally living the good life can leave someone feeling a little more depressed, inadequate, and even sad. This problem is so commonplace that it is sometimes referred to as Facebook depression. So does this mean you should stay off social media sites altogether? No, simply avoiding two things can help eradicate those bad feelings.

1. Still following people who post stuff you don’t like.

If someone you know is constantly spewing stuff that’s not improving your mood, simply unfollow them. It’s a 3 second fix to make your Facebook feed a more positive experience. By doing this, the person will still be your Facebook friend, but their comments will no longer show up in your news-feed. Hit the 3 menu dots or settings icon on a friend’s post to find this feature and unfollow them.

2. Mistaking vanity posts for happiness.

While it may look like everybody on your Facebook feed is having the time of their lives, remember that you are only seeing a small slice of their universe. No one’s life is perfect–FAR from it. Certainly you don’t want their problems, so don’t think you’re missing out on anything good either.

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That’s it. These two changes alone can make your social media experience much more positive starting today. Will you try them?

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