What coffee really does to your mood

The Psychological Benefits of Coffee
The Psychological Benefits of Coffee

Good news, friends! Research is showing that coffee is actually very good for you. In years past, coffee was believed to have a negative overall effect on health, contributing to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even stomach ulcers.

Why were scientists so confused?

A lot of older studies noted that coffee drinkers were in the past also heavy smokers. The effects of cigarette smoke masked the benefits of the coffee. Newer studies have placed greater emphasis on coffee drinkers who don’t smoke.

Barista making cappuccino in the coffeeshop
Barista making cappuccino in the coffeeshop

That morning cup of coffee (or two or three, even) contains anti-oxidants and flavonoids that can lower your risk of hypertension. Other studies have shown a slowing in cognitive decline (memory), a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, and a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease.

Of course, coffee has notable daily benefits for regular drinkers as well.

The caffeine can help with alertness during a busy work day, when you work a night shift, or even if you are drowsy because of a head cold.

So, if coffee feels like a mood booster to you, it probably is!

Moderation is key, of course.

Over-consumption may be a cause of sleeplessness at night but the effects vary greatly from person to person. The caffeine may not have the same effect on a regular drinker as it would on a non-drinker.

Enjoy your coffee knowing that it not only is not hurting you but may very well be supporting your health!

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