What to Do When You’re Not Having Enough Fun

What to Do When You're Not Having Enough Fun
What to Do When You're Not Having Enough Fun

Fun is a matter of perception, of course, but here are a few tips that may help you make the most out of your efforts to indulge.

Stay in the Present

When you have a busy schedule and you try to take some time doing something you enjoy, sometimes it can be difficult to let yourself be part of it. If your mind keeps going back to something else or you feel guilty, it’s harder to have fun. There’s no need to feel guilty. You can and should treat yourself sometimes — it’s a part of self-care, and your needs and desires are very important. Staying in the moment can allow you to stress less and have more fun. Don’t rain on your own parade!

Don’t Set Limits

You might be tempted to try to give yourself rules or limit yourself when it comes to your desires, but why? If you want that last scoop of ice cream in the fridge, go for it. If you want to sit down and play video games for an evening, have at it. If you give in to what you want now, you’re less likely to over-do it later, and your overall happiness may increase.

Let Loose

A part of having fun is learning not to take yourself too seriously. By letting loose and being yourself, you can make happy memories without negativity or sour thoughts bogging you down. Allow yourself to smile as you indulge in your personal pleasures, and often a little extra happiness will come naturally.


  1. I’m in total agreement here. Letting go and letting loose every once-in-a-while is good for me and I practice that quite often. You know what they say…….”All work and NO play makes Vince a dull guy”. Life’s too short to stay totally focused all the time. Got to find that “happy balance” and HAVE AT IT !

    • If anyone deserves a treat from me, it’s me. Video games, hmm. That’s a thought. I’m now thinking a crossbow. Where to go? Thanks for the thought. Don’t bum yourself out my friend. Let’s keep in touch. Your something I like having around.

  2. My husband and I have created a couple, whom we become at the spur of the moment, Mr. and Mrs. Lipswiggle. We wiggle our lips while kissing and share a laugh. 🙂

  3. Each Day is a True Blessing so try to Enjoy what you can because it does beat the alternatives and if you have your Health and Family and Friends You are Truly Blessed.

  4. Yes live life to the fullest people remember there are others who are less fortunate and can’t,so make the best of what you have now and always dream big

  5. Just want to say happy Saturday. I love reading all the comments and thank all of you guys for taking part in the conversation. It is a game changer for me. Love you guys!!!


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