The Happiness Advantage

For the last hundred years, psychologists have been studying depression and attempting to help people get back to “normal” with unimpressive results.

In the late 1990’s a respected Harvard psychology professor began noticing that even his own psychology students were seriously depressed and genuinely struggling with their own mental health and happiness. How could this be? He began to look for real answers.

What he found out changed everything.

The field of psychology missed the whole point about happiness. Absence of depression was not happiness, not even close. What was considered “normal” was not even happy! In fact while studying depression, happy people were considered unusual outliers on the “normal graph” and were tossed out of important studies altogether.

His research revealed that his happy students were more successful in most all areas of their life.

One of the biggest misconceptions psychologists have recently debunked is that success leads to happiness. Although it is a pretty believable myth, it turns out that the opposite is true.

Success definitely does not lead to happiness.

Now, how do you actually get happy when your life isn’t going so well? We’ve got good news for you…

The field of positive psychology became the new standard for education and treatment.

Here’s some fascinating information before you jump right into the all new happier you.

Happier Daily will provide you with priceless insights you can begin using to become happier almost immediately.

How can we be sure you can really be happier?

True happiness is not limited to the rich, the educated, or the talented. It’s available to all, at any age, in any life situation. In fact, we can observe some of the happiest people on Earth among those with the lowest economic means.

How can you become happier?

Happiness rubs off. You can actually become happier by merely being exposed to positivity. makes the exposure to positivity easy and effortless. In under a minute you can open a Happier Daily email and let a new idea or perspective rub off on you. After a little repetition, your life will begin to change as you gain many advantages only happy people enjoy.

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Learning more about happiness psychology can be an interesting way to understand your own life and consider different perspectives that lead to happier days and ultimately a happier life. The messages that come from Happier Daily are written from experience and are proven to speak to your innermost soul (your true self). We know, the more you learn about your true self, the happier you can be.

What’s great advice worth? It’s often priceless.

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