21 Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside All Day

home looking window winter
home looking window winter

(HappierDaily.com) – So you’re trapped inside today. Maybe it’s too cold out or you don’t have anything to do today… Well… with all this nothing to do going on, here’s a list of things that might relieve some of your boredom 🙂

  1. Food. It’s the answer to most tricky situations. You’ve got all day, why not browse up a recipe you’ve been wanting to try forever and get in the kitchen?
  2. Do your hair or make-up. You don’t have to get all dolled up just for other people. Sometimes it feels good to just look awesome just for you!
  3. Go through your closet and get rid of those 10 shirts you haven’t worn since 4 summers ago. You’re not going to wear them at the hypothetical party coming up. Put them in a to-go pile to either donate or thrift for some extra bucks!
  4. Do a puzzle. They’re so satisfying in the most frustrating ways… but still fun…right?
  5. YouTube rabbit holes. Ancient aliens, learning a new music instrument, inspiring podcasters, how to cook that recipe ^^, how to knit. YouTube is full of any topic your heart wants to watch.
  6. Masterclass. One step above YouTube? On Masterclass.com you can learn anything you want from the experts that know it best. Still can’t think of anything to cook? No worries, Gordon Ramsey can teach you something rad on Masterclass. 🙂
  7. Write thank you cards or letters of gratitude to someone you appreciate that you don’t tell enough. You’ll feel super happy after and make a difference in their day too.
  8. Movie marathon. You know those classics your parents always told you about growing up? How about the new movies all the kids are freaking out about? Netflix has countless movies you can watch back to back to back to back…
    • Netflix after 8 hours of binging Game of Thrones: *Are you still watching?*
    • Me: *snores myself awake, wipes crumbs off shirt, Yes I’m sTiLL wAtcHing . -_-*
  9. Whip out the colors. Draw something. Paint it. Whatever comes to mind. Brighten up the place with the creations of your mind.
  10. Meal prep for the rest of the week! Yay for productivity!
  11. Bake somethin’ deliciousss…. Ok, ok enough about food… sorry… hungry…
  12. Work out. Gym memberships? Expensive. Push ups in the living room? Free. Resistance bands off Amazon? Cheap 🙂
  13. Catch up on laundry. Clean the fridge. Mop the floor. Organize your junk drawer. Wash your sheets. After they dry, snuggle them at their warmest… Mmmm (that’s the one I’d pick off this more productive set of ideas).
  14. Take a nice warm nap in those delightfully clean sheets.
  15. Read a book. Escape your world, enter one of a character, real or not.
  16. Practice your singing. If you’re home alone, it’s a perfect opportunity to risk it all and sound bad until you sound good.
  17. Create a new Pinterest board. Plan a vacation. Find your favorite inspiring quotes. Get some ideas for a project you can do once it finally warms up outside!
  18. Call up all your friends. Tell them you love them. Ask them how they’re doing, how they’re really doing, and get into one of those deep, satisfying conversations. Or don’t. Just popping in when it’s least expected will probably make their day anyway.
  19. Rearrange your room (if your furniture is light enough to move by yourself!!!)
  20. Crack open a journal. Write about good memories. Keep them fresh, or preserve them for the next reader of that journal…
  21. Unsubscribe from emails you never actually read. Clear out some of the mental clutter that is your inbox and make some room for some emails you love. (Hey by the way, did you read your Happy Button today?)