How Happy Are You?

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More About The Quiz

High scores, like 70-99 rank you high on the happy scale. Lower scores indicate that there’s more in the way of your happiness… That’s not the end all be all though. You can improve your score and become happier daily. If you need a little help with that, we’ve got you covered.

How Does It Work?

This quiz measures your happiness through what sort of thoughts and habits you have. Each of your habits and thoughts have specific point values. Habits that sabotage our happiness have a low point value and those that feed our happiness are worth more points.

You may be surprised to see which kind of thoughts and habits are secretly holding you back…

So how do you become happier daily — and get more points?

It’s simple, the more exposed you are to positive stuff, the happier you inevitably become. It’s proven. Find out your score today, put some more happy things in your life, and check back later to see how much your score goes up!

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