Who Dominates? You or Your Busy Life?

Who Dominates? You or Your Busy Life?
Who Dominates? You or Your Busy Life?

Our lives can easily be dominated by busy schedules, saying yes when it’s best to say no, and trying to please others. If you’ve got the will though, we’ve got the way to turn that cycle around and help you dominate life as much as possible so you can start inventing the future of your dreams. Here, we broke down the process into 3 simple steps.

How Anyone Can Dominate Their Life…

1. Have the desire to be fulfilled and happy.

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Have you ever tried to stop a passionate person at anything? You can’t! The truth is anyone can have, be, or do anything once they wholeheartedly want it. When people truly desire things, they make them real priorities, or the reasons why they do anything at all. It all starts with that passion, and you can create it even if it’s not yet there…

Guided Questions to Create A Passion For Happiness

Happiness can be sort of an abstract concept sometimes, especially if you haven’t felt happy in a while, don’t know what it feels like, or if you’re afraid to be happy because you don’t want to lose it… So what does it mean to be “fulfilled and happy”?

Well, is there something you want to gain? Is there something you want to avoid or lose? Is there something you never want to experience again, or maybe something you want to experience every day? Is there something you want to be able to give to someone else? What are your needs, desires, core values, non-negotiable terms, strengths, weaknesses, favorite things, and what you will and will not tolerate?

The answers to the questions below may reveal what your version of a “happy and fulfilled” future looks like. 
These answers also can reveal the very reasons why you want that future. Those reasons fire up unstoppable passion to do whatever it takes to get what we want. It repels excuse making and attracts a better life.

2. Really get to know yourself and explore new perspectives.

People who “dominate” or “master” their lives know who they are. The better you know yourself, the better you can make your future match the one you want. Happiness is deeply personal, and there are as many combinations for a happy life as there are personalities and preferences.

Are Your Values Really Your Own… Or Someone Else’s?

Keep in mind, we can easily confuse society’s values with our own… They’re often pushed on us through social media, and even friends and family. While it can be hard to really tell what makes you happy versus what just makes “society happy,” remember we all see things from different angles which makes it practically impossible for all of us to like the same stuff! Figure out what happiness means and looks like to you, separate from everyone else, and you could be much happier.

Even as you encounter disagreement or conflict as you figure out more of what you want for yourself, allow yourself to just collect new perspectives rather than let different ones upset you. Having our ideas challenged makes us stronger, more intelligent, and capable as individuals — and you don’t have to accept other people’s ideas as your own unless you want that.

3. Commit to the life you want.

We defeat the purpose of dominating life and sacrifice the future we want if we lack the commitment to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get it. To go all in and be fully committed can be intimidating at first, but it can actually bring structure to a chaotic world. No matter how long it takes, or if you have to give up things you once thought were good for you, it’s well worth it to live the life you are happy with and proud of.

Action expresses priorities.
– Gandhi

COMMENT: What does your version of happiness look like for you?