Challenge: Tuesday, February 5th

To The Beginning of A New Decade
To The Beginning of A New Decade

This week we challenge you to:

Do ONE thing that supports your biggest goal. At least a tiny thing.

You got this (woohoo)! We’re doin’ it with you.

We’ve kicked off the challenge by having the Happier Daily team comment what they are doing for this challenge. (Late to the game? No worries, this challenge can be done any time!)

Comment below: What’s your big goal and how are you going to start knocking it out with this challenge?

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Need some ideas?

  • Goal: Be happy. Action: Think of one thing you’re grateful for each day.
  • Goal: Better relationships with family and friends. Action: Call someone you haven’t talked to for a while and catch up.
  • Goal: Learn more. Action: Listen to one minute a free audio book.
  • Goal: Travel to ___. Buy ___. Action: Put $1 into your savings. Be mindful of your spending.