The Happiness Skill — Do You Have It?

How to Defeat Negative Thinking: An Animation

( – Ever tried to plan a full day out? How often does that day actually go to plan hour to hour? 

Unless you put yourself in an actual bubble or box, it’s almost guaranteed that someone or something will come up and interrupt that plan. In order to not get disappointed when things don’t go your way, we have to choose our battles wisely. Sometimes it can hurt us less to just let things go.

Happiness Tip of the Day #1: Being adaptable is the key to happiness.

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To become more adaptable:

  • Before labeling something as good or bad, let it pan out, first. 
    • You will never know what one event will bring next, what chain reaction it will spark, how it will change the event. Maybe the unexpected thing was the lesser of two evils, and you got the better option. Maybe it’s a lesson you can learn from later.
  • When you feel frustrated or angry, it can be like holding yourself up with a splintery rope, while the fall if you let go, is only a few inches down.
    • Sometimes in a weird way, it can feel good to be angry, especially when it’s warranted and we feel wronged in some way. Feeling angry for a long time though is exhausting though, and staying stuck on something when you’re frustrated usually only wastes your time (and drives the rope splinters deeper). 
    • When you are angry with something, can you make it productive anger? You’re mad for a reason. Your feelings are valid. How can you make this not happen again? If it’s possible, talk to the people around you calmly, and they just might work with you to solve the problem.
  • When you’re faced with a challenge, give the challenge a chance to actually challenge you before you dismiss it because you think it’s hard. Don’t make a habit of quitting before you even start.
    • Mohammed Ali’s philosophy: When asked how many sit ups he could do, he answered, I don’t start counting until it hurts… 
  • And when stuff does start hurting, conquer things second by second. Break down what you have to do into manageable, bite sized pieces…  Don’t look at the full job at large, but the small pieces you can handle, and you’ll get it done.

Life is full of change and movement. If you’re a small tree in the wind, you’ll eventually get blown over. If you act as the seed on that tree in the wind, you’ll get blown around, sure, but you’ll have a better chance at blooming again when the wind settles down. ❤️

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