Kobe’s Most Inspiring Moments

Sunday, January 26, 2020, we lost a legend not only in basketball, but in life. Kobe Bryant was an extremely inspirational figure throughout his life. His passing brings great sadness to millions of lives he touched. While it may not make us feel happier right away or heal the sadness we feel now, no one can deny that continuing to honor his legacy, remembering him, what he stood for, and spreading the motivation and honorable lifestyle he shared with us will make the world a better and happier place as time goes on.

This video above captures several motivating moments he created and demonstrates his incredibly inspiring work ethic. Check it out to remember and honor Kobe. Take his messages and apply them to your life. This is how people really live on after death — through the lives of others — and is the truest measure of how much of an impact someone has made.

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In your life today, continue to bring light, happiness, and PASSION, to everything you do while you have the opportunity to do it. No one is owed another day, or even another hour. Let this be our reminder to live to the fullest every chance you can.