This Simple Microbreak Strategy Could Save You At Work

This Simple Microbreak Strategy Could Save You At Work
This Simple Microbreak Strategy Could Save You At Work

Have you ever had a job where you had to sit for hours at a time? Maybe you have one now. Do you find yourself chained to your desk thanks to deadlines? Sitting at your desk and powering through may feel productive, but it may actually be better for your health and happiness to split up your day by taking microbreaks. Breaking up your work schedule can make you sharper and more productive than sitting at a desk for five to ten hours straight.

How Microbreaks Help

Five to fifteen minutes is often all it takes to have a successful microbreak. Go to the restroom, get a drink of water, focus on something away from your computer, or take a quick walk just to get the blood pumping. Walking can help you think and mentally refresh you so that you’re ready to keep working when you sit back down. You don’t need to go far either. A quick stroll around the house or office can do.

Reduce Stress and Boredom

When you spend enough time working on the same thing, you tend to get tired of it. You grow frustrated and irritable, which makes it harder to concentrate. Walking away for a while is the best way to deal with stress and returning to your job with a clear head may help you to see the problem differently.

Get Your Body Moving

Sitting still for too long can take a toll on your physical health. If you’re at a computer, watching the screen for too long may give you eye strain and headaches.Your back and neck may get stiff or sore from staying still or hunched over, especially if your desk isn’t set up ergonomically.

A five to ten minute break every hour or so can make all the difference in your work day. Cutting yourself a little slack can not only end off your day on a high note, but also help you be more productive at your job. A healthier, happier you can start with less stress at work each day.

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