“Just be happy and a reason will come along…” – unknown

How To Find Your Inner Truth
How To Find Your Inner Truth

It’s a common misconception that happiness comes when we get X. X can be love, money, success, fame — you name it. If that were the case though, then why are so many people with those things still miserable? And how can homeless people on the street, single people, disabled people, uneducated people, or unfortunate people be so happy??

Here’s the thing — they’re happy most of the time just because they can be. Or, they know each moment is precious, so they might as well make it good. Or they know it could be worse. Whatever they think to themselves, they just don’t cling their happiness onto much, if anything all.

When you can find happiness within, stop seeing it as a result, and start seeing it as a lifestyle, or a choice even… you’ll see it show up more in your life.

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If you keep waiting for the next thing, or even the next person, to bring you happiness, you’ll wait and wait forever…