17 Things You Didn’t Realize You Were Thankful For

17 Things You Didn’t Realize You Were Thankful For
17 Things You Didn’t Realize You Were Thankful For

Could you imagine what life would be like without any one of these things? The list goes on, of course, but each of us have a lot more to be thankful for than we realize.

  1. Mobility
  2. Your senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, etc.
  3. Time – Everyone’s is limited, every day above ground is a good one.
  4. Electricity
  5. Trash service
  6. Toilet paper
  7. Indoor plumbing and clean running water
  8. Accessibility to resources like food and water
  9. Your memory
  10. Ability to love or be loved
  11. Access to information
  12. Technology
  13. Clean air
  14. Entertainment
  15. Civil rights
  16. Nature
  17. Music

From all of us at Happier Daily, wishing you a safe and happy Thanksgiving…


  1. I’m happy to have God in my life. Life is short. I’m Happy for what I have now. For each new day that I’m above ground. And the opportunity to be afforded a new day to get things right in my life. Happy for my loving son and grand children and now blessed to still be here to see and spend time with my great grand chilren. I’m happy that I’m blessed so I can be a blessing to others in need.

  2. Very true! I’m thankful that I have the ability to go work everyday! I’m thankful for my ever growing family, also that I can endure big time pain more than anyone else can endure! Also thankful for Hollie, Charles, Jamaine, and Rose because they are all believers in the Lord! I’m thankful for my Church and Pastor Ross as well.


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