Need Some Stress Relief? Grab the Markers

– Pablo Picasso

Did you spend a lot of time with coloring books as a kid? It was a great way to pass the time in restaurants, cars, or the doctor’s office. It doesn’t have to stop there, though. Coloring isn’t just for kids — adults can enjoy filling in spaces with crayons and colored pencils, too. You don’t have to be artistic to enjoy a good coloring book, and the process can have some real emotional health benefits.

Now is as good a time as any if you’re stuck at home without your typical busier routine 🙂

Coloring for Adults!

Coloring books for adults have grown increasingly popular and now you can find them in local stores or online. You want to color dragons, cute animals, flowers, or relaxing scenes? There are all different kinds of coloring books you can try – even a few with adult themes!

The Pencil is Therapeutic

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Coloring can stimulate creativity and help you focus. Art therapy has been used as a method of helping people cope with mental conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, so it’s no surprise that coloring can be a gentle form of meditation. It’s the therapeutic properties of coloring books that have a lot of people choosing to color for stress relief — and, it’s fun!

Coloring is a great way to meditate and you can do it almost anywhere at any time. You could even add it to your morning or evening routine, as a way to either quietly start your day or relax your body before sleep. Find some coloring pages that speak to you and see where they take you! We’ve included some links above to sites with free pages to get you started.

Here at you can find all kinds of awesome free coloring pages to print out. Print one out and fill it in and boom! You just found the next thing to keep you busy and happy for the next few hours! 🙂

Most therapeutic art projects are simple and don’t require intensive focus, so you can just let your mind loose and release your creativity. It isn’t about the final product! It’s more about allowing of your brain to relax and decompress the stress. Happy coloring!