3 Simple Happy Hacks To Try Tomorrow

5 Hard-Core Happiness Hacks

Accept your right to happiness

Accept the fact that there isn’t a perfect person alive. Every human being has made countless mistakes, has broken hearts, broken dreams and their share of regrets. You deserve to be happy as much as anyone else.

Get out of your own head

Your brain is a tool for performing tasks and solving problems, but it can suck you into watching an endless string of re-run movies depicting past disappointments and future fears. You can easily stop yourself from watching the reruns just by being aware of them. That’s it. As long as you’re aware when you’re doing it–you can catch yourself and chose to do other things. Presence is the key to an inner peace like no other.

Schedule yourself in first and last

Put time on the calendar for what you need to stay positive and renew your soul each day. Own at least two time slots on your own calendar. Make them yours and make them great. Read a couple chapters of your book, exercise, meditate, take an online class, whatever floats your boat. 5 minutes each day. It sounds silly, yet it adds up.

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