4 Fun Tech-Free Things You Can Do With Your Friends

4 Tech-Free Things You Can Do With Your Friends

Technology’s great, isn’t it? We live in an age where we can reach the entire world’s history with the palms of our hands, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an average person walking down the street without a cell phone. As great as cell phones are, sometimes it can be hard to put them down, and they can get in the way of our connections to others.

So what can you even do without a cell phone? Here are a few ideas you can try out with your friends.

Play a Sport

What better way to spend time with friends than to get out and enjoy some friendly competition? It’s no cell phones — just you and your pals and old-fashioned physical activity. Whether you feel like shooting some hoops or perhaps hitting a tennis ball back and forth, playing sports can be a fun and healthy way to socialize. Don’t be afraid to find and try new things, too. Frisbee golf, anyone?

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Have a Tech-Free Meal

Ever had a meal with someone who would interrupt a conversation to check their phone? Have you been that person? A great idea for spending time with your friends could be to arrange a lunch or dinner date, no cell phones allowed. Without the distraction of a phone, you and your friends will be more likely to get talking amongst yourselves and have a great time. Either require the phones be left outside, or stick them in a pile on the edge of the table and make a game of it — the first person who checks their phone has to pay the bill for everyone!

Go Sight-Seeing

Another way to escape technology for a while is to stop and appreciate the beauty of the world around you. There’s a lot to see out there, even in unexpected places. So take a day or an afternoon to put your phone away and head out with your friends to find some explorable areas or places worth capturing in your mind. Make memories worth keeping forever. You can even look for new hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, or historic areas of your city or town you didn’t know existed. You might make some beautiful memories.

Have a Pool or Beach Day

A water day can be a lot of fun for a group of friends. Whether you live in an area where you can pop down to the beach or you decide to go hang out at a local pool, chances are you’ll be enjoying yourself enough splashing around or enjoying the sun that you won’t be worried about checking your texts or social media. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

It’s exciting and convenient to have easy access to technology, but we should also take time to feed our human connections and enjoy those amazing little moments. By taking time with your friends to do something you all enjoy, you can find a greater happiness in the long-run.