Are You Holding Onto Something That Needs To Go?

So how do we even know if we’re holding onto something? Sure, sometimes that can be a little confusing. Life isn’t perfect, we get that. Letting go just means removing any attachments that are outdated. It’s okay to ditch anything that feels limiting or even unpleasant.

Sometimes it feels really hard to do this – it’s scary to lose things that are familiar to us! However, this process is not a loss – it frees up more space in our lives for the things we truly want and love.

A: Things You’re Only Holding Onto Because Of Their Cost

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Just because something was expensive when you first bought it, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to keep it. Every item in your life should add purpose, be useful, or simply bring you joy. If you’re hanging onto stuff that just isn’t bringing anything to the table simply because of its original price or supposed value – sell it! It’s time to free up space and make room to attract fresh things to you. Whether it’s a collectors item, wardrobe, or even a car – let’s get something better to match where you are in life now.

B: Holding Onto Dead End Relationships

The longer you stay in that dead end relationship the longer it will take you to meet someone who is a better match. This can happen with friendships, romantic relationships, or even a business relationship. Sometimes we feel obligated to be there for people, especially if we were in each others lives through a significant moment in time or even a significant amount of time. But guess what! You don’t have to hold yourself back waiting on other people to catch up to where you need them to be. Your happiness is too precious and time sensitive for that.

C: You’re Holding Onto Some Old Thoughts And Beliefs

We’re not telling you to let go of all attachments and thoughts – many of them are useful! But when you take a moment to unbiasedly examine your thoughts and beliefs, you might find some are outdated. According to Ramez Sasson’s article on the subject, “if you wish to grow, develop, and improve your life, you need to let go of your old and outdated thoughts and ideas and accept better ones.” When you first start this process, its normal to experience some resistance. To guide you through the process, read this tutorial on how to let go of old thoughts and ideas.

D: You’re Holding Onto Unforgiveness

When we are wronged it can definitely hurt. But unforgiveness hurts even more! When it comes to forgiving, it’s not about whether the person, the circumstance, or whatever it may be deserves to be forgiven. Because it’s not about them! Forgiveness is all about freeing ourselves from the thing that hurt us. Charles Stanley said, “unforgiveness is emotional bondage that consumes minds with memories of offenses, distorts emotions with revenge, and fills hearts with turning unrest.” If you struggle with forgiveness, check out these 40 ways to let go and feel less pain.

Comment below with something that you may have been holding onto that you want to let go of: