Good News: Chocolate is Good For Your (Mental) Health

Good News: Chocolate is Good For Your (Mental) Health
Good News: Chocolate is Good For Your (Mental) Health

As if you need to find a reason to eat chocolate, right?

We have one for you, though – you know, just in case you need to justify your daily nosh to those who question your logic. It’s good for the soul — and we can prove it!

You’ve probably heard of tryptophan. You likely hear a lot about it around Thanksgiving when people talk about how they’re going to go into a “food coma” and need a nap after the tryptophan in the turkey makes them sleepy. Truth be told, you’d need far more than a meal’s worth of turkey to get enough tryptophan to have that sort of effect. You’re really just sleepy from stuffing yourself silly.

But we digress. Chocolate has tryptophan in it as well. Tryptophan triggers the production of serotonin in your brain and serotonin is responsible for putting you in a good mood.

Chocolate makes people happy!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


  1. I like the small Dove chocolates. It only takes one and you get a little fun thing to read inside the wrapper that is always fun there are many flavors to choose from as well.

  2. It all comes from that old tidbit from St. Thomas More (well before he was executed by King Henry VIII) — “everything in moderation.” I can so easily overdo it with chocolate. I’ve even been known to get dressed on a yucky day and drive to the store to buy some! That’s really sad.

  3. WOWEE…….Now, tell me something I don’t already know! ‘Jus funnin’ with you. I’m one of those who loves the taste if chocolate but never really overdo. Everything in moderation I say. So good to know that it’s GOOD for me too. Thanks,

  4. That’s right! I LOVE ME SOME CHOCOLATES! 😉
    It puts me in a very HAPPY MOOD! Also! It’s a Aphrodisiac for me! Hint hint! 😉 Lol!


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