How to Get in the Happy Zone at Work

How to Get in the Happy Zone at Work

If you must work, there are several things you can do to get in the happy zone. Creating a happier work environment is easier than you think. Here’s the top 4 priorities to make your work more enjoyable:

Control Your Personal Space

You wouldn’t buy a car without a heater and A/C so don’t try to work without the basics either. Get a small fan and personal space heater to control your own personal space and make it comfortable.

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Prepare Your Desk

Your space is either in disarray (unhappy) or organized (happy). It’s on you to take 2-3 minutes each day and bring back the happy. Stack up those loose papers, file the filing and organize your stuff. It’s these little things that you can fix so easily that detract from your happiness.

Fix Your Chair

Getting the right chair really matters. It does not have to be an expensive one, but it needs to have enough support and adjustability to fit your body. Old chair padding wears out and your human resource management needs to know about it if your chair is not comfortable.

Ditch the Fluorescents

Fluorescent lighting actually flickers at an unhealthy frequency which is proven to cause anxiety and exacerbate other disorders. It’s the worst lighting of all. LED lights are getting inexpensive enough, they save money and there’s no reason to wait–make the switch.