Shake Your Way to A Happier Day

Shake Your Way to A Happier Day
Shake Your Way to A Happier Day

Yes, you can dance.

No, don’t tell us you can’t. You can.

We don’t care about your level of dance skill. You don’t even need to be able to stand. Some of us are expert clappers, finger tappers, head boppers, and chair dancers. Seriously. Just find your groove.

Truth be told, it has been proven that good songs and rousing dance make people feel pretty good. So why not give it a try?

Dance like no one’s watching.

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Find a favorite song, crank it up, and let loose. We don’t care if you grab your friends and head towards a club or simply take a mid-afternoon break in the middle of your living room. No one has to watch. No one has to know. Feel the music, embrace the flow, and have some fun.

Dance is a time-honored celebration of life. Unless you’re in a competition, skill doesn’t even factor in. It’s the one form of expression that lets you involve almost every one of your senses. It’s emotionally rewarding, and has tons of physical benefits as well.

We don’t even care if you dance around your house naked. Just keep the pictures to yourself and maybe stay clear of the big window, okay?

Here’s a little inspiration followed by a couple of songs to get you moving: