Soldier Reunites With Syrian Puppy That Got Him Through Tough Deployment

Soldier Reunites With Puppy He Met Overseas
Soldier Reunites With Puppy He Met Overseas

While deployed in Syria, Tyler was going through the most difficult time of his life. One day, someone found a tiny puppy next to his deceased sibling in the middle of no where. The captain said, if no one was going to take the puppy home, they would have to get rid of her. Tyler knew the puppy wouldn’t survive on her own so he volunteered, buying food from the U.S. and having his family mail it to him.

“It’s kind of like an escape, really.” Tyler said. “It took my mind off of being gone.”

“She’s just, she’s happiness,” he continued, “that’s the best way I could describe her.”

And this video sure does make us happy to watch! Awwwwwwe. Such paw-fection! It follows their story and their stateside reunion three months since last seeing each other.

Get ready for your heart to feel warm and fuzzy!

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