Started Your Happiness Jar Yet?

Happiness Jar

Happiness jars usually make their way around social media right before the New Year. The idea is to write something good or positive on a piece of paper, place it in a jar, and then enjoy the memories of all of the awesome things that have happened to you throughout the year.

We have good news, though. The sense of joy you’ll get from those memories doesn’t need to be delayed til New Year. Just the act of writing about the things you’re grateful for on a regular basis can change your overall outlook on life no matter when you start.

You don’t technically need a jar, either. You can have one, if you’d really like, but grabbing a journal and writing down two or three things you’re grateful for as soon as you wake up every morning will put you on track for a great day. You don’t have to be an award-winning writer to tackle this task, either. Just make a short list if that’s all you want to do. No one will be checking for grammar, punctuation, run-on sentences, or even your spelling. Just embrace the things you’re grateful for and jot them down.

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You’re going to love this exercise.

And, by the way, just in case we haven’t said it lately – we’re grateful for you!