Still Looking for Happiness? Here’s Where It’s Hiding…

Still Looking for Happiness? Here’s Where It’s Hiding…

Happiness isn’t something to find, it’s always there waiting to be enjoyed without any extra effort. You can simply “be” happy to be alive when you are not particularly sad. Happiness and joy hides in plain sight, and it’s always there for you to experience.

What about the bad things?
As they say, life isn’t easy, fair, or a bed of roses. Bad things happen to everybody. But learning to expect and accept bad things helps to bolster a general feeling of contentment and satisfaction with life the way it truly is. Life is just a rollercoaster, it’s supposed to be fun even with its ups and downs.

Discontentment with your situation?
You can be happy right now and still be discontent with your financial situation — they are two different things. You can still take steps to improve your financial situation and be happy at the same time.

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More Pitfalls of Pursuing Happiness
Putting too much importance on being happy can actually have the opposite effect. Philosophers have noted throughout the ages that making the pursuit of happiness a major part of your life leads to failure and disillusionment for most, and that causes dissatisfaction with the life you already live, bringing unhappiness and depression.

Happiness Right Now
Instead of obsessing over constantly doing things that make you happy, you should try to cultivate an attitude towards life that doesn’t emphasize being happy as an end in and of itself. The truth is, living a good and honest life is the surest path to contentment and happiness right now.

Fulfilling work, good relationships, charity and love towards others, putting their well-being before your own, are the things in life that cultivate personal happiness. The more you invest in these things, the more you will get back.

To sum up, stop trying to find happiness, it’s counterproductive in the end. Focus on the simple things in life, and happiness will simply find you.