To The Beginning of A New Decade

To The Beginning of A New Decade
To The Beginning of A New Decade

( – Happy New Year HappierDaily Family!

At this time of year, many of us are establishing our New Years Resolutions. Some of us, maybe New Decade Resolutions?

Today marks such an important time in all of our lives, as it is the launchpad of a new beginning. (And so is tomorrow, if today’s reserved for celebratory Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas… understandable)

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As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.
– Criss JAMi

It’s a time we are quitting what is no longer serving us, we are establishing new patterns we want to be recognized by, creating new routines that make us happier, and we are constantly rebranding ourselves as the people we want to be.

Whatever anyone’s called you, and whatever you even believe about yourself right now — all of that can change by the actions you put out to the world TODAY. Your actions and patterns from yesterday don’t have to be brought forward to today and into your future if you don’t want them anymore. The things you do that don’t serve you or others, all of that can be of the past when you do something different today.

The things you have the strongest reason behind, the strongest “Why” (or simply just the most fun things you want to do) will fuel you the most and keep you excited in their pursuit…

How would you like to be known and remembered in another decade from now? What things would you like to have accomplished? What would you like to have seen or felt? What do you want to have created? How do you want to help yourself and future generations?

2020 is going to be a great year and it will kickstart the best decade of your life if you believe it. We hope you do and now, we’re going to let you get to it! Take a little bite out of a goal you want to reach today and as always, look out for reasons to be happy today and everyday.

See you tomorrow for another fun read and a “happy button” later today (there’s one on its way to your inbox set for this afternoon)! Look out for it!

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