What Should Your Goals Be?

2 Things That Used To Block My Happiness Every Day
2 Things That Used To Block My Happiness Every Day

A friend asked me, “What should someone my age have accomplished by now, and what kind of goals should they set for themselves?”

These questions that so many people ask themselves sounded questions like a real load of crap to me! They create so much unnecessary stress and disappointment by nature… not to mention, I think he was asking them for the wrong reasons… So here’s what I said back to him:

“As you go about life, no matter what age you are, instead of keeping tabs on what you have and haven’t done, it’s better to do what you need to survive, then do two things after that.

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See how far you can push your body and mind to reach their full potential, and seek out things about yourself and the world that enrich your spirit so much that you never feel the regret of not doing something.

You’ll probably never look back and say, ‘man, I really regret not having done that by 30, 40, or 50.‘ Instead, you’re more likely to say, ‘I wish I had done that at all.

So what’s with this timeline nonsense?

People are far too focused on arbitrary goals (typically set by, and for, the sheep of society) that they lose sight of what makes them happy. Sure, buying a house, or a car, or meeting “the one” by a certain age sounds cool and might make you happy, but the mere expectation of doing that by a certain time that is just silly. It’s setting ourselves up for tons of disappointment… It’s like thinking, ‘if the stars don’t align for me by by 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday, then I will settle or be upset.’

No. I hate that idea.

How about start or keep searching for what you like in life, and figure out what you don’t like, too? How about find the people that spark real joy in your life, and spend more time with them and less with those who don’t? How about stay adventurous, travel if you can, keep collecting new perspectives, and absorb the wisdom the world has to offer and that can change your view of things?

What I’m getting at is, life shouldn’t be about a timeline of accomplishments. Life is happiest when it’s about the experiences you gather on the way, how these experiences impact your thinking, and how you move you forward after them.

Doing that will keep your spirit young in the best kind of way. No age restrictions there…

Anyway, there’s my rant for ya… now let’s talk about goals specifically… that’s probably what you came here for…

Here’s one: Find and do what works for you. Because happiness is the greatest accomplishment of them all.

VIASophia V.