What’s Your Emotional Baseline For Happiness?

What's Your Emotional Baseline For Happiness?
What's Your Emotional Baseline For Happiness?


“You will be your best self when you take time to understand what you really need, feel and want.”
― Deborah Day, BE HAPPY NOW!


There are things each of us individually need to meet our own personal baseline of happiness. Things that range from acts of service, to gifts, to quality time, to physical touch, to affirmation. Those are what are referred to as love languages. Each person feels happy and special when their love language is spoken with them.

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Sometimes we are born into families that don’t meet our individual needs. We then model whatever we saw, even if it doesn’t make us happy. Why do we do that? Because we like to feel comfortable, and whatever we know is what becomes comfortable. Even if we don’t actually like it.

The problem is, many times, we’re so used to things as they are, we completely forget what we do and don’t like about things being that way. Not to mention, not knowing what your version of happiness feels like can be completely terrifying to figure out. It’s new! It’s a change! Both petrify most people.

When you are not used to having what makes you happy in life, testing the boundaries outside of your comfort zone may trigger fears of losing whatever brings you that happiness. It’s called a scarcity mindset. Subconsciously, when you fear the loss of happiness – you tend to altogether avoid the happy things you’re afraid of losing. But that’s doing things backwards! Our happiness is abundantly available to us – we simply must reconnect to it’s source. If no one is speaking your love language to you, you can start by speaking it to others. When you know what language makes you the most happy, you’ll feel just as good expressing that side of yourself to others! Plus when they reciprocate, you multiply that happiness tenfold. Now that’s what we’re talking about 😉

To discover your love language, take the official assessment here.