Simple Phrases That Will Give You Strength

15 Mantras that Will Give You Strength

Yep, I talk to myself… we all do! What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s not only healthy to talk to yourself, it’s a key to feeling a sense of control and peace.

You can say the wrong things to yourself and feel a sense of weakness and vulnerability.

The trick is having a few positive mantras that you can repeat in your mind over and over when you need them. Here are a few of my favorites which you’re welcome to use anytime you need them. They give me strength and they’ll do the same for you.

  1. I love myself no matter what.
  2. I’m in charge of my own emotions.
  3. I attract what I think about so I’m thinking about good stuff!
  4. When I’m going through hell, I’ll keep going… this too shall pass!
  5. Everyone has scars. Mine make me beautiful.
  6. What I’m looking for is not in the past. It’s in the present.
  7. Every single day is a brand new beginning– I’m making this one great!

So, when you talk to yourself, remember you are your own best friend. Be kind. Be gentle. You are loved.

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