4 Places to Socialize When You’re Lonely

4 Places to Socialize When You’re Lonely
4 Places to Socialize When You’re Lonely

Feeling lonely? Just want to get out of the house? Regular old routine getting you down? Once in awhile you probably need to find a place to go to chill out and socialize. Even if you’re a little shy or you like your solitude, chances are you still have days when you get lonely and need to venture out into the world. So if you find yourself having one of those days or if you just want to to meet new people, here are some ideas you can start with.

Local Coffee Shops

Love a good coffee brew and a little atmosphere? A local coffee shop might be the place for you. Coffee shops are often spots people can go to relax, have something to drink, read or study, or meet up with friends. If you have a café near you, it might be the perfect place to strike up a conversation and make a few new acquaintances, pressure-free. Try going on a night where a musician is playing — you’ll meet new people and be exposed to a new artist, too.

A Festival

Maybe you’re looking for a livelier event to give you your fix. Keep your eyes peeled for outdoor events going on in your area this time of year, like fairs, festivals, and concerts, to find something that interests you. If you run into someone at a music event that’s playing songs you like, you probably already have at least one thing in common. Street fairs, food truck festivals, outdoor art events, and even summer movies in the park are all popular ways to get in some fun when the weather is fine.

A Pool Hall

A city pool hall can be a popular hangout for those who want to socialize and play some good old fashioned billiards. Playing a game is a great way to meet new people and make some friends, since you can usually break the ice pretty quickly without too much of that pesky small talk business.

A Sports Game

Sporting events tend to draw in big crowds, so if you like watching people play, it might be a great opportunity to meet a like-minded sports fan. You don’t have to splurge on a major-league game, either — minor league and college games can be just as fun. If you attend an outdoor game, it’ll probably be a super way to get some sun as well!

Laughter is best when you have someone to share it with. Finding a comfortable place to meet and socialize is half the battle. When lonely feelings sit at the corner of your mind, getting out and having an interesting conversation can make your day. Don’t be afraid to start simple and see what happens.


  1. Going to the library is a good place to start you can be around people. Libraries also have speakers . And its all free

  2. Places that give me joy: my home, the forest, yoga classes, our city market with old and young, dogs, babies and wonderful farm people. Church helps me a lot too. There is a six year old neighbor she and her Mommy often come over to chat.
    I am a Vet and often when I am at the VA hospital for help I talk with other vets…so many stories joys, losses all brings new life to me. I also find great joy in my photography…

  3. To anonymous. You say people are unfriendl y in Portland and don’t say hello..Have you tried putting a smile on your face and saying hello first? It works for me. I’ve been to many States in the U.S and to several countries and a smile and a hello always does the trick. Guess what? Even if they don’t speak our language, they understand a smile and a cherry hello. Hope this helps.

  4. “Happiness is nothing you can hold in your hand. It can’t be measured by any scientific means and therefore exists only in your mind. If you’re not happy, CHANGE YOUR MIND.”
    – Robert M. Pirsig
    Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  5. 7/7/17 People sind sehr unfreundlich in Portland; people are very unfriendly in Portland. Few even say “Hello” to you when you walk down the street. If they don’t know you, no matter who you are, they won’t acknowledge you or even be hostile.

    • You think people are unfriendly in Portland, try going to Ft. Lauderdale Florida, thdy are the ruddest most honking car state if ever been in!, and im a traveler. Good luck.


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