6 Morning Tips for All Day Happiness

6 Morning Tips for All Day Happiness

(HappierDaily.com) – Ugg, mornings! Are you tired of dragging yourself out of the bed and into the day? Fueled only by caffeine, many people just like you start out in a slump and struggle all day long as a result. But, there is another way to own the day besides the java jolt. The right morning routine can improve your mood, increase your happiness and start your day off in a very positive way. A good morning routine is not too difficult to adopt with a few small changes. So, what does a good morning routine look like?

1. Try getting up the first time your alarm goes off.

The snooze button can make people even more tired and frustrated. So, stop reaching out from under the covers and smacking the clock with wild abandon and take those extra five minutes to wake up rather than sleeping in another 5 useless minutes. A helpful tip is to place your alarm across the room, so you have to get up to turn it off.

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2. Move your body.

Just like you have to wait for a computer to power on before you can use it, your body isn’t quite ready for action when you first wake up. Try wiggling your fingers and your toes first. It’s a small step, but starting your morning off right with some stretching can help you move through the day more easily.

3. Drink water (before coffee) and before you do much of anything else.

We are lighter in the morning because we dehydrate all night. Just taking a quick gulp of water when you get up can decrease headaches and make you feel refreshed. Extra points if you squeeze half a lemon to alkalize your water. You might be surprised how this one little change makes such a difference!

4. Try to make the morning your own for at least 15 minutes.

If you create a morning ritual that is soothing or inspirational — something all about you — to start the day, you can rejuvenate your soul and soothe and clear your mind. We know it’s tough when you’re pressed for time, so bonus points for this one too.

5. Write down, or simply think of your top 3 objectives for the day.

Setting a couple of realistic, achievable goals gives you a sort of roadmap to follow for the day. These goals needn’t be massive undertakings — they can be as simple as eating a healthier lunch, or finally getting to a certain task you’ve been putting off. Daily goals create a sense of purpose that brings both increased focus and a feeling of accomplishment to your day.

6. Eat. Seriously.

It’s a standard piece of advice, but it bears repeating because so few people follow it. You can improve performance and concentration, increase strength and endurance, lower cholesterol, and simply enjoy better overall health.

Morning is a time many of us associate with chaos, urgency and hasty preparation for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, such frustrating beginnings can often result in a sense of disorganization that continues throughout the day, resulting in fatigue, irritability and reduced productivity. Take your time, friends… and rejuvenate each morning rather than struggle.

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