Handling Awkward Situations…

How to Move On With Forgiveness

(HappierDaily.com) – Ever just been laying in bed, trying to get in that comfy position you like to sleep in, then boom… all of the sudden, like a mosquito that just buzzed by your ear, some random, awkward or embarrassing thing that happened like 7 years ago strikes your mind? Hate when that happens…

Maybe someone said something with horrible timing… maybe it was just plain weird and it caught you off guard… Maybe it was you who had their turn at the awkward bat! Well. It’s just a fact of life that some days we experience awkward things. Knowing how to navigate them can make things a little easier… Here we go!

Before Awkward Situations

So, you’re expecting a conversation to be awkward. Fun stuff… To make it a little more bearable:

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1 – Plan your part. Silence can make you feel uneasy, so the best way to “control” that is by at least knowing a few of your lines.

2 – Pick a place.  When we know we have to speak to someone about something out of the ordinary, it’s best again to do it in a “controlled” way. If you can pick a more private place to discuss what you need to, you can avoid the awkwardness of outside distractions affecting either of you negatively.

Heat of the (Awkward) Moment

When you’re in the thick of it, there are a couple things you can do and say to own the situation and move past it quickly.

Courage, compassion, and curiosity. Sometimes it can take a little bit of courage, but just facing the blunders, acknowledging them with a, “whoops, alright, that wasn’t quite what I meant, let me restart!” Or if someone else is being the awkward one, approach them with some compassion. You’ve been there too; let them know!

Everyone could use a little confidence booster here or there, so let them know they’re not alone. Showing your human side, and perking them up if you can, will steer the conversation to a better place while keeping things real and genuine.

Finally, curiosity — since we’ve all been put our foot in our mouth before, help steer the conversation with some genuine curiosity. Acknowledge another point someone made and head back to that, maybe allowing you both to “reset” from that moment of weirdness before. Ask them about another thing you’ve been wanting to talk about, or dig a little deeper into what you were discussing before after hitting that “reset” button.

After the Storm

Awkwardness is going to be there throughout our whole lives. Maybe as we age, or as our confidence builds, we’ll get better at navigating it, but every now and then, we can expect to get a little dose. After those moments though, about all we can do is laugh it off… or give it a while, then find the humor in the situation.

Take notes for next time and learn from your experiences and those of others. Most of all though, don’t dwell too hard on any awkward moment whether in the moment or after-the-fact. In both situations it only makes them worse!

Remember — this happens to everybody every day, and funny enough, the more awkward situations we put ourselves through or we encounter naturally, the better we get at them! Blessings in disguise? Maybe so!

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