Happy People Don’t Fall for This Trap

Happy People Don’t Fall for This Trap
Happy People Don’t Fall for This Trap

Comparing ourselves to others is the #1 trap that unhappy people fall into. Here are five tips to help you avoid the “comparison trap” to start enjoying what you love about your own life.

1. Remember that no one has a perfect life.

Yes, your co-worker posted about her husband sending her flowers on Instagram, but she probably never posts about the problems they have at home, like dirty socks in the floor and chores that are put off indefinitely. Everyone has problems in their lives, but on social media many people just share the good stuff. Even if someone seems to have a charmed life, remind yourself that that person has struggles just like everyone else.

2. Appreciate the people around you.

While other people may have more stuff or a greater scope of life experiences like travel, adventure, and education, there’s no substitute for having great people in your life, so appreciate the love and support that you have. If you don’t feel that love and support, go looking for it. There’s a whole world of wonderful people just looking to love and be loved.

3. Enjoy the little things that bring joy.

Every day there are a million tiny blessings that go unnoticed by pretty much everyone. The butterfly on the bush outside the front door, the texture of a soft velvet throw, the clean water that flows from the tap while you brush your teeth–all of these are blessings that should be noticed and enjoyed. Train your mind and eyes to notice the small blessings that surround you each day, and suddenly your own life will seem richer and more vibrant.

4. Social media can cause dissatisfaction with real life.

On its own, social media isn’t evil, but for many people, it fuels deep discontent. If you notice that social media makes you dissatisfied with your life, try a media fast. If there are one or two people on your friends list that make you feel “less than” on a regular basis, you may want to hide their posts and see if it changes the way you feel about your life.

5. Consider what brings you and your family happiness.

Just because your in-laws love to take road trips for vacation, it doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you if you’d rather not. Become comfortable with rejoicing with others in their joys and knowing what works for you and your family. If the minimalist lifestyle isn’t your thing, it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty. If you are miserable on a low carb diet, find what works for you and your body. Don’t feel that something’s wrong with you because you don’t enjoy what other people love.


  1. Like has been noted before appreciate the little things that appear around us every day like the butterflies, the beautiful blue skies, the comfortable temps, etc, etc. All of these are truly great small blessings. There are so many people out there that HAVE so much more material things than we do BUT do they have true happiness in their own lives? That is the question. Appreciate what you have, big and small. Appreciate WHO you have in your life and see them as true blessings as well. 🙂

  2. Make sense with the tips, we should appreciate little things around us. If we don’t, we might not see it again.

  3. Happiness is the root of true life fullfillment. Recognizing things that bring us true happiness is “WISDOM “

  4. Enjoy the butterfly from a distance.
    The wings are usually coloful..nice..
    but the head looks like a creature from
    outer space.

  5. Really GOOD STUFF here. Couldn’t agree more. Appreciate all you DO have and don’t dwell on the “things” you DON’T have.
    Life can be an ADVENTURE if you maintain the right attitude. Be grateful, thankful and remember it could ALWAYS be worse.


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