Happy People Don’t Fall for This Trap

Happy People Don’t Fall for This Trap

(HappierDaily.com) – Have you ever thought someone else’s life looked better than your own? Even just a small piece of it?

Comparing ourselves to other people is one of the most common happiness traps — so you’re not alone if you’ve done it. It can be a real bummer to think that way, though.

Luckily, we have 3 tips to help you start to appreciate your own life more and stop wishing you were walking in someone else’s shoes…

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    1. Social media can cause dissatisfaction with real life.
      Yes, your co-worker posted online about her husband sending her flowers, but she probably never posts about the problems they have at home, or the dirty socks that are always on the floor. Everyone has problems in their lives, but since that part is rarely openly shared, it can seem like everyone but us leads a charmed life. Social media makes it especially easy to compare ourselves but just remember everyone struggles behind closed doors.
    2. Different things make different people happy.
      Depending on the type of person you are – your idea of a good time could range from going out to Vegas with your friends to having a quiet night in with a cup of tea. If you are someone that enjoys the simpler things, don’t let someone else’s idea of a good time make you feel like your life is not as fun. Even if you are the Vegas type, and would enjoy something big – your time will come. Right now you’re just in a different phase of life.
    3. Remember that no one has a perfect life.
      Speaking of phases, if you’re going through a tough moment – it can look like everyone is having a better time than you. The truth is, when we’re hurting we become more prone to unhappy thoughts. When you’re feeling low and you see someone having a good time – recognize they had to experience their share of lows to get to where they’re at now. You’ll get there too.

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