How to Accept Others

How to Accept Others
How to Accept Others

In a world filled with so many different personalities, it can be hard to accept those that rub us the wrong way. We may not like what they have to say or what they believe in so the simplest thing to do to solve it is to make peace with them and accept them for what’s good in them rather than what’s not. You’ll discover that your days will be brighter, happier, and more productive when you learn how to accept those around you.

Tip #1 – Remember it Has Nothing to Do With You
The actions of others really have nothing to do with you. People respond poorly to you based on their own personal, negative experiences. You just happen to be in front of them to take the brunt of it. The next time someone is unkind, take a deep breath and remember this. When you become resistant to the negative actions and opinions of others, you will no longer be caught up in needless suffering in the struggle to accept others.

Tip #2 – Everyone Has Baggage

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”

– Regina Brett

You have problems and the person you struggle to accept has problems. Sometimes that person shows the world this by acting in ways we disagree agree with. But when we recognize that we all respond to our hardships differently, we can come away with greater compassion for someone else’s struggle.

Tip #3 – Diversity Makes the World Go ‘Round
We can’t all be the same. If we didn’t have differences, there would be no room for conversation, learning, or growing. Realize that the person you don’t accept has a story that makes them different too. If you just don’t agree with them at all, accept it and move on. They have their place in the world and you have yours. There’s no rule saying that you must be in each other’s way.

Tip #4 – You’re More Alike Than You Think
Sometimes the only reason we don’t accept because they differ from us, physically, intelligently, racially etc. but don’t let someone’s exterior be the roadblock to discovering their beautiful interior. Someone could look completely different than you but until you actually start a conversation with them, you can’t know them completely. They could share a lot in common with you and you could start a new relationship you wouldn’t have had otherwise if you just open up a little to them.

When you learn to accept others just as they are, you’re also making the bold decision to accept yourself just as you are. We don’t always love ourselves enough to do this. Yet, love begets love. Spread love and acceptance and you’ll receive love and acceptance in return.


  1. Is it ok to live in a home with everyone going to there rooms and shutting the door and never coming out unless to eat or go to the bathroom when they are home. I’ve explained to my husband that I don’t think this is good for his two daughters one 17 and one 20 this month.
    It is hard to overlook and he says it’s ok this is what they do.

  2. The most important thing to do when dealing with hurtful people is not to become like them because they have, disrespected you and made you mad. I moved a now home onto a lot and have a neighbor from hell. Not to mention a convicted felon. I am a single parent of a now Autistic Adult Son who is about 11 years of age mentally. I’ve had BB’s shot in my window, my dog beaten, holes hammered into my walls, several solar lights broken, and my car was vandalized costing me 700.00 in repairs. On top of that I have to listen to him call me the B word and tell me I should be dead. The worst was him making fun of my son’s autistic vocalizations. You can’t ignore something like this and any human would want to strike back. But I realized holding these feelings of anger were only toxic to me and actually empowering him as he seems to get turned on by the effect of my reactions. So what to do? Ignore the negative and be responsible in the way you repair the damage a negative person has caused to your life. For me its been building fences, lighting up the area so that he can be seen, and encouraging my son not to be harmful to other people. Sometimes you just have to rebuild what you have with more security in order to repair the damage. For me, most importantly to remember not to become my enemy, to rise up and be the better person by maintaining my sense of self-respect, and decency both towards myself and others.

  3. A lot of women endure verbal and emotional abuse from men. I have come to relish that the abusers have low self esteem and it there way of feeling superior. If you stand up for yourself and let them know it is them that has a problem it shocks them. It is important that you realize it is their problem not you. I have done this and it helps. They may slip back into their ways but you become strong. If they never change start hanging out with people that respect you . Eventually they leave because they don’t want to feel guilt.

  4. I was always a happy go lucky person, I was always giving to people, and helping when I could. I got along with everyone I met, knew a lot of people growing up.( just say I was a people person). Got with my husband 24 years ago, married 15, he is such a negative person!! hardly any thing nice to say, we don’t really have any friends, no one comes to our house to visit, because they know how he is. I don’t really have all the people in my life like I did cuz of him. I just want to be me again and smile and laugh…

    • Angel,
      I was in a marriage for 20+ years, and my husband became an alcoholic. One day he told me he wanted a divorce.I thought of myself as you do. After our divorce, a close friend pointed out that everything I blamed him for, I was guilty of the same behaviors. I just didn’t see it. I had gone to therapy, but she was right, all I did was complain about his faults, and not focus on myself. I started writing, journalling, and looked at every negative, and looked for ways I had exhibited the same behaviors. If I thought he was ignoring our son, I looked at instances where I had done the same. If he was selfish, I listed every way I had been selfish, and so on. I finlly saw that I had been negative too. One I did, and accepted my own faults, my own failures instead of blaming him for his, things started to get better.
      Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you. But I am now in a better place, despite my divorce. I also blamed my ex for the loss of friends, but realized some of it was my fault as well. Remember, you cannot change someone else, bt you can change YOURSELF. Do this, and I promise that your life will improve and you will find more happiness and light in your life. Perhaps by changing those negatives you don’t realize you may be exhibiting you might have a positive effect on your husband as well.

    • Wow u just described my life…my husband is that same man only difference he cheated on me with a whore and caught HIV…I dont have it and i dont know what makes me stay with him…I do accept for better or worse i guess.

  5. Stay strong and remember that the negative people are not worth your time and happiness. I have been through really bad relationships and endured so much pain from their abuse. It took me a while to get my life back and now I have removed the negative people from my life so I can be happy. Peace of mind is truly priceless and precious. Stay strong my fellow beautiful souls.

  6. I agree with the previous posts. Maybe you should write an article about hsp’s and how they can have happier lives. There are more of us then people realize.

  7. Ian like the guy above me comment the mow Ian good to people and take their put downs the more they walk all over me the Lord says we are not to be a doormat for no one when we are put down it makes our self esteem go down so I disagree with your theory

  8. Oh my,how true all of this is. If only everyone else could open their eyes and hearts to see how short life is and how time stops for no one. God Bless.

  9. Not always true about spreading love and acceptance. I’ve always been the giver and allowing others to be who they are. I get in return I need to change my looks, way I dress, my weight, need plastic surgery, after they are finished putting me down with my exterior, they start on my good heart and soul. How I need to change how I think, my views, my beliefs, I just stay to myself and when people start walking over me. I just get out of the way. Then they have nothing to walk on.

    • I agree with you and your not alone. Stay true to yourself and continue to let the negative people go because they don’t deserve to be a part of your life if they don’t have the wisdom to see your beautiful soul shine through their darkness. The good beautiful souls that are around you will find you and love you for being the beautiful person you are and that is all you need to have in your life.


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