How to Accept Others

How to Accept Others

In a world filled with so many different personalities, it can be hard to accept those who rub us the wrong way. Some people just suck for a lot of reasons, but the simplest thing to do to accept those people is to focus on what’s good in them rather than what’s not.

You’ll discover that your days will be brighter, happier, and more productive when you learn how to accept those around you rather than have them prickling you under your skin.

Tip #1 – Remember it Has Nothing to Do With You
The actions of others really have nothing to do with you. People respond poorly to you based on their own personal, negative experiences. You just happen to be in front of them to take the brunt of it.

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The next time someone is unkind, take a deep breath and remember this: When you become resistant to the negative actions and opinions of others, and just accept them without rancor, you will no longer be caught up in needless suffering that they may try to cause you.

Tip #2 – Everyone Has Baggage

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”

– Regina Brett

You have problems and the person you struggle to accept has problems. Sometimes that person shows the world this by acting in ways we disagree with. But when we recognize that we all respond to our hardships differently, we can come away with greater compassion for someone else’s struggle.

Tip #3 – Diversity Makes the World Go ‘Round
We can’t all be the same. If we didn’t have differences, there would be no room for conversation, learning, or growing. Realize that the person you don’t accept has a story that makes them different too. If you just don’t agree with them at all, accept it and move on. They have their place in the world and you have yours. There’s no rule saying that you must be in each other’s way.

Tip #4 – You’re More Alike Than You Think
Sometimes the only reason we don’t accept because they differ from us, physically, intelligently, racially etc. but don’t let someone’s exterior be the roadblock to discovering their beautiful interior.

Someone could look completely different than you but until you actually start a conversation with them, you can’t know them completely. They could share a lot in common with you and you could start a new relationship you wouldn’t have had otherwise if you just open up a little to them.

Tip #5 – For Accepting the Worst of Them… Forgiveness
Forgiving can be extremely hard. Why would you want to see past something or someone that has wronged you? Well, who needs that extra baggage? By letting the wrong-doing go, it makes you lighter, stronger, and more resilient.

Forgiving can only help you, so why not give it a try? Some think giving forgiveness is letting someone take advantage of undeserved kindness, but really, it’s a bold act that shows that you are still strong and unbroken despite how hard that person tried to put you down.

When you learn to accept others just as they are, you’re also making the life-changing decision to accept yourself just as you are. Love begets love. Spread love and acceptance and you’ll receive love and acceptance in return.

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