How to Be Happy While Single

How to Be Happy While Single
How to Be Happy While Single

Far too many people believe happiness hinges on attachment to a significant other. If you think it is impossible to be happy while single, it is time to think again. Happiness and companionship are not interdependent. In fact, some singles are eager to argue the lack of attachment to another person is actually the source of their happiness. Here’s how to be happy and single.

View Your Single Status as an Opportunity for Self-Betterment

Singles have much more free time than those who are in relationships. Realize that this free time should be cherished as it will vanish the moment you find your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Fill your free time with hobbies and your won’t dwell on your single status.

More importantly, improving yourself makes you that much more attractive to potential mates.

Understand That a Significant Other is not the Only Possible Relationship

All too often, people assume the lack of a significant other will induce a crippling depression. The truth is we’re all a little bit afraid of being alone. Yet being single does not mean you have to be alone. If you take care of your body and make an effort to be outgoing, you can date every night of the week. Be social and you will strike up friendships with countless individuals. These relationships are surprisingly fulfilling even though they lack the depth provided by a soul mate.

A Chance for Introspection

If you have recently exited a relationship, consider your single status as an opportunity to perform some much-needed introspection. It is time to be a little bit selfish now that your old flame is gone. Take this opportunity to explore your own thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. You just might gain considerable enjoyment in your newfound “alone time”.

“Singledom” is an Opportunity to Find out What Truly Makes You Happy

Genuine happiness comes from within. Do not allow another person determine whether you are happy, sad or anywhere in between. Understand that anyone who enters your life also has the potential to leave. Find sources of happiness that are not dependent on others. Try new things, engage in activities you’ve never tried before and venture to new places. You will eventually pinpoint sources of happiness that do not hinge on the presence of a significant other. This way, if you enter into a new relationship and end up single at a future point in time, you will have something to fall back on rather than nosedive straight into a downward spiral of loneliness and depression.

Figuring out what gives you happiness aside from a significant other serves to further establish your identity. After all, if you don’t know what truly makes you happy, how can you ever expect another person to understand how to please you?


  1. I fought for me relationship, more than I needed to. Looking back though, it was never something she never wanted. I was single for ten years, successful in my career, and HAPPY. l traveled, have a four legged companion that had been with me for the last 5 years and for 3 of those, I thought u find someone to share that with. For a brief second, the idea of having it all was reality. She inspired me to want things I didn’t know I wanted yet. Kids…. Her 3 kids, and I brought them in to and without conscience, the leverage of all of that was never to be because of selfishness that’s so dark that I don’t want up entertain the idea of trying to understand it. It’s evil, empty, and let hatred into my life. I’m a NOT HAPPY anymore. The shock of all of this is surmounting that I’m lost. She’s purged from life, the day to day is gone, career challenged, transition temporal, and still I avoid to not be angry and vindictive and hateful. I don’t want to be that way towards anyone and I feel helpless to no end that I can’t get around it. I have the power to change, and know that without question. My faith is really challenged right now, and I am such a critic of myself that it’s hard to except the fact that I have no control over the steps backwards in life that I feel I’ve taken. All are a direct result of the selfishness of somebody else; making me collateral damage. This is something That I’m not used to. Any advice?

    • Eric. Si think I’d start by telling her off but good in person about two feet apart face to face. Make it sharp to the point and truthful. End it with don’t ever contact me ever, and that she has some soul searching to do. If she an opportunist then she exploited your generosity and natural kindness. And….. Get back to your better life.

  2. Happiness is a choice. Just choose to be one u will never get lonely. So many articles and motivational books to read n places to explore. Just keep your eyes 👀 open to possibilities..

  3. I am have been single after a divorce that is three years old.i am not dwelling on the fact. I am happy in my singleness.

  4. Awesome, I am single for nine years, at times gets lonely. Keep busy doing things for others, my home, self, and kids. Learn to SOS
    stay, on, surface. Happy Life isn’t about how many breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away. Always continue to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow!!! I am still looking for someone to share my moments with and help share his moments. I won’t give up.

  5. I believe that “happiness is a state of mind” for certain. Unfortunately I lost my wife of 25 years last February (2016) and the loss is still fresh and I miss her terribly but I have learned to GO ON with my life and do the best I can in all my endeavors and friendly relationships. Not looking for another “life partner” but I’m always open to suggestions. There will never be another Soulmate for me and I’m OK with that. Most importantly, it’s NOT OK to isolate and become reclusive. That gets you no where but depressed and lonely. Thanks for listening.

  6. Good article. Being unhappy is a choice we make and often don’t realize it.We must learn to love ourselves before we can find true happiness.


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