How to Beat Procrastination in 3 Simple Steps

How to Beat Procrastination in 3 Simple Steps
How to Beat Procrastination in 3 Simple Steps

We’ve all been there. We start our days working away, completing tasks, and suddenly an enticing link catches our eye. We click it, and spend the next 10-15 minutes reading, commenting, and sharing what we’ve found with friends on Facebook or in a group chat. Procrastination of getting what we need to get done is not always an easy task, especially with technology at our fingertips and a myriad of information, funny images, and articles popping up at every step of the way. Ridding procrastination is not simple, but with a few tricks you can minimize the amount of time “wishing” you were completing the right tasks on track without all of the distractions in your way.

Complete Simple Tasks to Start Your Day Off Right

Create a schedule. Stick to this schedule, as it will allow you to get an adequate amount of sleep while also giving you the ability to plan your days ahead of time. Waking up and making your bed, showering, and brewing your coffee are little steps to get you started whether you work in an office or from home. Have errands to run? Completing just a few simple tasks at home right as you wake is a way to stay motivated and focused throughout the rest of your day, avoiding procrastination. When you wake and remain in pajamas or get “too comfortable”, it’s easy to slip back into procrastination mode, stating “I’ll get to that tomorrow”.

Manage Your Time With a Personalized Calendar

Whether you prefer to write using a traditional calendar or if you own an Android or iOS phone with calendar apps, create one for yourself. Include daily goals, minor goals, major goals, and deadlines for yourself. In today’s busy world it is imperative to keep track of what must be done with all the “keep busy” mindset of major cities and workaholic attitudes of co-workers who seem to never experience procrastination themselves (trust that, they too have ways of keeping procrastination at bay). Keeping a calendar (with reminder alerts if possible) allows you to stay on track, even if it is a minor task of housework or running a quick errand. Another way to avoid procrastination is to start your day off with simple tasks using a journal or calendar, that way you do not become quickly overwhelmed with larger objectives that may seem unattainable or daunting when you first awake.

Use Procrastination Apps and Browser Plugins

With the advent of apps for both smartphones and web browsers, there is no shortage of options to choose from when you are working towards avoiding procrastination. One app that has grown extremely popular uses the “Pomodoro” method of staying focused and on track with your daily activities and goals. The Pomodoro timer is available for both Google Chrome as well as Apple iPhones through iTunes. Another focus and anti-procrastination application that has grown in popularity includes “StayFocusd”, available for those using Google Chrome as a browser extension. Both Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome offer hundreds of scheduling and focused-centered applications as browser extensions simply by searching for “procrastination”, “focus”, and “focus timer”, giving you an array of options to choose from that fit your specific needs when working or running a household.

Knowing how to defeat procrastination is the first step to following your dreams and staying on task–whether you work in an office building or if you are launching a business of your own. Never allow procrastination to keep you from achieving your goals, however hard it may be when you begin trying. You can do this!

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