How to Find Your “Happy Place” Any Time, Any Where

( – Do you know what your happy place is? Chances are you have another one that’s muuuch closer and less expensive than the beaches of Fiji, and even closer than a cozy cabin in the mountains of Colorado…

The truth is, your happy place is somewhere you can go both mentally or physically. (The happiest people have their happy place readily available in their minds, accessible for moments they need it.)

Your happy place is really an emotional state you can access from wherever you are. After all, why should your peace of mind only exist in some far away land?

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For happiness any time, anywhere, here are 4 tips for getting into your “mental happy place.”

Relax your body

Find a comfortable place to relax at home where there aren’t other distractions. Wear loose clothing (or none at all) and close your eyes. Concentrate on relaxing each part of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Shift your shoulders so they’re relaxed, too. This will help you to unwind, destress your mind, and release your tense muscles, too.

Remember the good times

Research shows that thinking about happy memories increases serotonin, one of the body’s happy signals. To increase these serotonin levels and lift your spirits, try thinking about your favorite memories. What was the last thing that made you laugh? Where are some places where you’ve really enjoyed yourself? What were your favorite holidays and vacations?

Think of happy things

There’s a reason pictures of cute puppies and babies make the rounds on the Internet. It’s because smiling or finding joy even for a moment releases happy neuro-chemicals that tend to make us feel happier in seconds. Much like remembering happy memories, thinking about happy things boosts serotonin. Consider inspiring art, a beloved pet, a beautiful sunset or a child’s toothless grin. These happy images will help take you to your mental happy place.

Listen to music

Music activates many parts of our brains, in particular, the areas controlling emotions. Listening to your favorite movie soundtrack or Pandora to hear new, unfamiliar tunes can distract you from what’s buggin’ your peace of mind. Let the music take you where it wants, and simply drift away to that happy state.

Happiness is found in the small details, the brief moments when you feel content and at ease. Happiness is not a destination, but rather an expedition. Activate all of your senses to reveal your “happy place” and try to visit it often.

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