How To Flip Stress Right Out Of Your Head

How To Flip Stress Right Out Of Your HeadHow To Flip Stress Out Of Your Head
How To Flip Stress Right Out Of Your Head


( – We all worry about the future, we’ve been taught to do just that. But, real life is hiding in plain sight right here, right now, and it holds the secret to everything you want in life.

Your body will keep you alive without much extra attention beyond the basics. Breathing, walking, digesting, even solving problems can usually be done as if on autopilot.

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There’s one big exception.

Enjoyment isn’t likely when you’re thinking about the past or worrying about tomorrow. You’re stressing about what hasn’t even happened yet. True joy hides from most people right in plain sight, just out of reach, so we have to actually show up to collect the good stuff.

Showing up requires getting out of our heads, ignoring the disappointments of our past, and delaying our worries about tomorrow. This is a proven practice, thousands of years old, that holds the key to unlimited happiness. It’s the action of positively focusing on whatever is going on right here, right now. It’s the first step to de-stressing and enjoying the heck out of yourself.

For example, no matter what horrible thing might happen tomorrow, your next meal today can provide a lot of pleasure if you show up to enjoy it. Don’t just eat like a robot on autopilot — too busy watching bad re-run flicks in your head. Grace your food with your undivided attention. You’ll notice more, feel pleasure more, your face will relax more and you’ll digest your food more easily.

When you catch yourself slipping back into your head, just pinch yourself and get back to the present. It’s where you really live and it’s a beautiful place full of opportunity and possibility. It takes practice, but you’ll get better at being present over time.

So what should you think about when you’re stressing? Nothing. That’s the key, don’t think– just BE present.

It’s real life. It’s the key to really loving your life. Try it more often.

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