Mantras to Make Your Soul Happy

Mantras to Make Your Soul Happy

( – When you’re overwhelmed by negative thoughts, how do you cope? For many centuries, millions have turned to mantra meditation. Meditation means different things to different people, but one of its most popular techniques – chanting mantras – is useful whether or not you plan to practice a meditative tradition.

What are mantras?

Quite simply, mantras are words or phrases that you repeat while focusing on the meaning and rhythm with each repetition. If you’ve ever recited positive affirmations into the mirror or repeated the same sentence in your head, you’ve already tapped into the spirit of the mantra. So if you want to achieve a particular goal or create a specific mood for yourself, it might help to create a brand new, one-of-a-kind personal mantra.

Whether you want to clear your mind at night or boost your mood before starting another workday, your personal mantra will be your peaceful weapon against negativity.

Here are a few examples of simple mantras that may improve your day, with or without meditating.

I deserve true happiness.

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Life is full of setbacks that can’t be prevented and responsibilities that must be fulfilled. It’s easy to lose sight of a simple but important part of the human experience: the pursuit of happiness. If “me time” isn’t on your schedule, try this mantra (or something like it). Repeat it a few times into the bathroom mirror, chant it while you drive, or scribble it onto your notepad during boring meetings. Remind yourself that you deserve to experience genuine joy, and you just might start recognizing more opportunities to treat yourself.

May all my actions add happiness to the world.

An abbreviated version of a common yoga mantra, this simple saying is a way to remind yourself that you’re part of a bigger global community. Sometimes, focusing on the wellbeing of other creatures is a great way to forget your own troubles. Repeat this mantra to yourself each morning, and make it your mission to contribute more positive feelings to the world. Compliment a stranger, step over a bug on the ground, or do someone a favor without expecting anything in return.

Which mantras would you add to the list? Positive thoughts are an obvious but effective antidote to negative thoughts. The next time you want to boost your mood, challenge yourself to create and recite a mantra that channels your mental energy into a productive place.

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