You Can BUY Happiness – Or You Can Just Do This…

Can Money Buy Happiness

How To “Buy” Happiness

Good news! We actually can BUY happiness! But — just how we do it is probably not what you’d guess…

While buying a bunch of cool new stuff for ourselves could make for a fun Christmas morning, or might stoke you out for a few days, it doesn’t actually have lasting effects on our happiness. What REALLY does the trick is in giving to others. Don’t think you have anything to give? Well… you actually do…

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How Much Money Do You Need? Well… None Actually

Yes, we are suggesting that you may have more lasting happiness if you can spend even a little bit on a friend or even a stranger, but this happy hack is not restricted to the wealthy. In fact, wealthy people aren’t by any means happier than average-income or even “poor” people. So, for those of us who are reading this like, what money? We hear you. Take care of your needs first and foremost because sometimes there really is no time or money to spare. It can feel depressing. But…

As unpleasant as it is to be in that situation, it can make us feel the MOST happiness to give when it feels like there isn’t much to give in the first place. When we spend even a penny, or even just a minute of our time on somebody else, when things are tight, rather than on ourselves, our happiness significantly grows. After all, they say time is money, so it can make you just as happy to spend that on someone 😉

Giving To Yourself Counts Too:

If you are going through a time where most of your efforts have to go towards caring for yourself, maybe because your health prevents you from doing more – giving to yourself is enough to bring lasting happiness, too. There is still joy in the accomplishment of completing simple tasks for yourself – and giving in this way.

What About My Family? OF COURSE!

If you are struggling to take care of your family – don’t be hard on yourself. Serving your family is the same as giving to others, don’t discredit any of that. Giving a handwritten note, or coloring a picture to give to someone can even be more meaningful than giving away money you really need.

The main message: When it comes to money, spending on other people typically has a bigger return for individuals than spending on oneself. We’re not saying “don’t save” or that spending money on yourself is bad – in fact, keep doing those things if you can! But next time you have the opportunity — see how you feel when you serve others after you’re taken care of. It can make you feel like an even better person (even though we know you already are great) and bring lasting happy vibes.

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How will you give something of value to make a difference in your and someone else’s life?  List some ideas in the comment section! Thanks for reading!